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After Punjab KP fixes roti price at Rs15


PESHAWAR: In line with the Punjab government’s move to slash the price of roti, the Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government now fixed the new rate at Rs15.

KP Food Minister Zahoor Shah hoped that lowering roti price would provide relief to inflation-weary masses. Shah reiterated taking steps for the welfare of the people.

The decision comes as part of efforts to address food affordability and ensure access to essential items for the growing population.

On the other hand, the Bakers Association in Punjab has dismissed the price reduction, citing that when the roti price was set at Rs20, a 20 kg bag of flour cost Rs2100. They argued that there should have been prior notification of any price reductions for flour.

The President of the Nanbai Association stated that the government does not subsidize gas and electricity, which are essential for baking bread. Since nanbais use Liquified Petroleum Gas (LPG), reducing bread prices would be challenging.

Despite the notification, roti is still being sold at Rs20 in tandoors, and the mandated prices of Rs16 for roti and Rs20 for naan were not implemented.

Amid the dissent, Shafique Qureshi, President of the All Pakistan Naanbais Association, has been booked under MPO 16.

Rawalpindi police have registered a case against Qureshi, who remains in hiding since he opposed the Punjab government’s decision to lower roti and naan prices in a video statement.

It should be noted that the Punjab government has fixed the roti rat at Rs 16.

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