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British-Pakistani Shakeel Akram elected as deputy mayor in London’s largest council


Muhammad Shakeel Akram, of Pakistani origin, has been elected unopposed as the Deputy Mayor of Hounslow, London’s largest council, marking another achievement for the 1.2 million-strong Pakistani community in the United Kingdom.

In the recent annual ceremony for the election of the Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Hounslow Borough in West London, Karen Smith was elected as Mayor while Muhammad Shakeel Akram became Deputy Mayor.

Former Members of Parliament Ruth Cadbury and Seema Malhotra, who attended the ceremony, praised the selection of Shakeel Akram as Deputy Mayor and extended their support to the new members.

Councilors and notable personalities from the community present at the event also expressed full confidence in Mayor Karen Smith and Deputy Mayor Malik Shakeel Akram.

Council members also commended the services of the former Mayor of Hounslow, Afzal Kiani.

Shakeel Akram, the deputy mayor promised to do everything in his power to improve the Hounslow community. He also reaffirmed his pledge to provide the council with unbiased service.

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