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Chery Pakistan to introduce electric and hybrids cars


Chery, a renowned automotive brand, is preparing to introduce several new cars in Pakistan, as shared by Mr. Ryan Wang, Brand Manager of Chery’s Omoda and Jaecoo brands.

Introducing the Omoda E5 and Jaecoo J7, Chery aims to leave a lasting impression on the Pakistani automobile market. The Omoda E5, an all-electric car, showcases Chery’s commitment to eco-friendly transport with its 430-kilometer WLTP range and a 61 kWh LFP battery.

On the other hand, the Jaecoo J7, a versatile urban off-road crossover SUV, offers a dynamic driving experience powered by a 1600 CC turbocharged engine producing 194 horsepower.

Chery’s foray into the Pakistani market signifies a dedication to delivering innovative designs and intelligent features, aligning with its global reputation for high-quality, technologically advanced vehicles.

As the automotive landscape in Pakistan undergoes a transformation, Chery anticipates playing a pivotal role with its upcoming lineup, including a plug-in hybrid version of the J7, providing consumers with hybrid technology choices.

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