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Did you know Sialkot produces over half of the world’s footballs?


Sialkot, located in Pakistan, has gained global acclaim as a prominent hub for the production of soccer balls, manufacturing an impressive 70% of the world’s supply. Renowned for its expertise in sports manufacturing, the city has particularly excelled in the production of footballs.

At the core of Sialkot’s success is the seamless integration of skilled artisans and state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities. The city takes pride in its workforce characterized by exceptional craftsmanship, a pivotal factor contributing significantly to the creation of high-quality soccer balls that adhere to rigorous global standards.

This dominance in soccer ball production has elevated Sialkot to an indispensable position in the worldwide sports equipment supply chain. The city’s crucial role in meeting the ever-growing global demand for top-tier soccer balls underscores its influence in shaping the dynamics of the international sports market.

Sialkot’s success story not only underscores its manufacturing prowess but also its adaptability to the evolving demands of the sports industry. The city’s skilled workforce, combined with advanced manufacturing technologies, positions it as a key player in the global soccer industry, contributing substantially to both the supply and innovation of sports equipment on an international scale.

In the expansive canvas of the global sports market, Sialkot emerges as a vital contributor, playing a pivotal role in the ongoing narrative of high-quality sports equipment, especially in the realm of soccer. Its skilled labor force and cutting-edge facilities continue to position Sialkot at the forefront of the industry, shaping and influencing the trajectory of the global soccer equipment landscape.

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