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Faysal Bank, OPay collaborate to expand digital merchant acceptance in Pakistan

ISLAMABAD: Faysal Bank Limited (FBL), a leading Islamic financial institution known for its commitment to technological innovation with Sharia compliance, announced a strategic collaboration with OPay, a global fintech giant with a proven track record in providing cutting-edge digital payment solutions.
The collaboration aims to empower the entire spectrum of small, medium, and large enterprises to accept digital payments, said a press release issued here Thursday.
This alliance aims to drive the digital transformation of merchant services, offering a seamless and efficient experience for businesses and consumers alike.
The primary focus of this partnership is to broaden the scope of digital merchant acceptance within the Islamic finance ambit, enabling businesses to adopt modern and secure payment methods, while benefitting from the sharia complaint services of FBL.
Commending this initiative, President and CEO, Faysal Bank, Yousaf Hussain said, “We are delighted to partner with OPay in this transformative collaboration. By combining Faysal Bank’s Sharia-compliant financial expertise with OPay’s technological expertise, we aim to redefine the landscape of digital merchant services and contribute to the growth of the fintech ecosystem in Pakistan.”
Complementing the collaborative efforts of Faysal Bank, President, OPay Pakistan Ltd. Ali Kazmi said, “This strategic collaboration with Faysal Bank is a testament to the power of partnerships in fostering innovation. Together, we are committed to providing businesses with cutting-edge solutions that simplify transactions and enhance the overall digital payment experience for the customers.”



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