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FIFA celebrates French star Kylian Mbappe with Pakistani song ‘Blockbuster’


FIFA seems to like Pakistani music as the global football body celebrates French footballer Kylian Mbappe’s entry onto the field with Pakistani song “Blockbuster” in a video after using Arif Lohar’s 2023 hit “Aa” to mark Lionel Messi’s 37th birthday.

FIFA showcased Mbappe’s on-field highlights set to a catchy Punjabi song in a recent TikTok post. The track, composed and written by Pakistani artists Zulfikar Jabbar Khan (Xulfi), Umair Butt, Faris Shafi, and Shamroz Butt, was accompanied by the caption: “Mbappe’s ‘BLOCKBUSTER’ entry.”



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Released as part of Coke Studio Pakistan’s season 15 in May, the song has become popular among millions of Pakistanis and has received international acclaim.

After seeing FIFA’s post, Xulfi in a Instagram post wrote: “From Coke Studio Pakistan to FIFA’s global stage – our ‘Blockbuster’ just made an appearance with Mbappe on FIFA’s official TikTok page! This feels surreal. Our voice, our beats transcending boundaries, creating timelines that were once deemed improbable. Congratulations Pakistan. This is wonderful and this is huge.”

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