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Good news for freelancers: Govt opens up PayPal payments!


Caretaker IT Minister Dr. Umar Saif has dropped some exciting news – a pilot project kicking off on February 1 lets you finally open a PayPal account and secure international payments with ease.

The freelancers will have the added convenience of receiving their funds through the widely used digital payment platform, PayPal.

Highlighting the achievements of the Ministry of IT during the Caretaker Government’s four-month tenure, Dr. Umar Saif emphasized the pivotal role played by the Special Investment Facilitation Council in swiftly approving projects. He commended the exemplary performance, noting that IT companies can now retain 50% of their earnings in dollars, showcasing the government’s commitment to supporting the tech industry.

Dr. Umar Saif also underscored the successful launch of a world-class training program benefiting 200,000 IT graduates from universities, contributing to skill development in the sector.

Addressing a long-standing concern for freelancers, the Caretaker IT Minister announced the resolution of the major problem related to the digital payment gateway.

Starting February 1, the pilot project will facilitate the creation of 10,000 accounts for freelancers, offering them the convenience of receiving funds through PayPal.

Furthermore, Dr. Umar Saif highlighted the government’s commitment to advancing technology infrastructure, ensuring the availability of spectrum for 5G.

In a move to enhance connectivity, a project to lay over 200,000 km of optical fiber cable across the country is set to commence soon. Additionally, the establishment of the Telecommunication Tribunal fulfills a longstanding demand of the workforce sector.

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