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In a first for Pakistan: Transgender Mehrub Awan becomes central office bearer of ANP


In a groundbreaking development for Pakistan’s political landscape, Dr. Mehrub Moiz Awan has shattered barriers by becoming the first transgender individual to hold a prominent position in the central cabinet of a major political party.

Renowned for their tireless advocacy for transgender rights, Dr. Awan has been appointed as the central secretary of transgender affairs for the Awami National Party (ANP), marking a significant milestone in the fight for inclusion and representation.

The historic announcement was made during the Central Council meeting of the Awami National Party at the Bacha Khan Center in Peshawar, presided over by the Chairman of the Central Election Commission, Mian Iftikhar Hussain. Dr. Awan’s appointment underscores the ANP’s dedication to championing the rights of marginalized communities and promoting diversity within the party’s leadership ranks.

Dr. Mehrub Moiz Awan has long been a vocal advocate for transgender rights in Pakistan, recognizing the challenges faced by one of the country’s most marginalized communities. Their appointment as the central secretary of transgender affairs not only reflects their unwavering commitment to the cause but also highlights their extensive experience as a global policy practitioner, particularly in addressing issues of gender and sexuality in post-colonial states.

The inclusion of Dr. Awan in the ANP’s central cabinet signifies a significant step forward in Pakistan’s journey towards greater inclusivity and equality. By breaking barriers and challenging stereotypes, Dr. Awan’s appointment paves the way for greater representation of transgender individuals in political decision-making processes, setting a powerful example for other political parties to follow suit.

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