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Karachi hosts Pakistan’s first internationally certified marathon


In a significant development for fitness enthusiasts throughout Pakistan, the country successfully hosted its inaugural internationally certified marathon in Karachi on Sunday.

The World Athletics-certified Marathon provided a unique experience to participants, adhering to international standards with designated routes and other essential features commonly found in marathons held in cities like Paris and London.

Sohail Amir emerged victorious in the 42.2-kilometer full marathon, completing the distance in an impressive two hours, 36 minutes, and nine seconds.

In the women’s full marathon, Mahnoor led the race, securing the top position. Israr Khatak and Aamer Abbas claimed the second and third positions, respectively, in the men’s full marathon.

The 21.1-kilometer half marathon was won by Hafeezul Barkat, who completed the distance in one hour, 17 minutes, and 12 seconds. In the half marathon, Akram secured the second position, and Zaher Shah finished in third place.

Notably, Muhammad Junaid, a Geo News anchor, actively participated in the marathon, covering a distance of 21.21 kilometers in one hour, 47 minutes, and 51 seconds, maintaining an impressive pace of 5:05 km per hour.

In a conversation with Geo News, Shoaib Nizam, the CEO of Sports in Pakistan, highlighted a noticeable surge in the popularity of marathon running among Pakistanis over the past eight to 10 years. He emphasized that numerous individuals have engaged in international marathons such as Berlin, Chicago, London, and Tokyo, inspiring a growing interest in participation within Pakistan.

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