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Lahore traffic warden Habibur Rehman earns PhD degree


In a remarkable display of perseverance and scholarly dedication, Traffic Warden Habibur Rehman has shattered conventional barriers by achieving a significant academic milestone.

Despite the demanding responsibilities of upholding law and order on the bustling streets of Lahore, Rehman has successfully completed his doctoral studies in South Asian Studies at the University of the Punjab. His research delved into the critical theme of ‘Pakistan-China Relations,’ offering valuable insights into the complex dynamics of interstate relationships within the region.

Commending Rehman’s achievement, Lahore City Traffic Officer Ammara Athar announced her decision to honor him with a certificate of appreciation, emphasizing the nation’s admiration for such diligent individuals. She praised the commitment of traffic wardens to pursue education despite facing challenges and limited resources.

Highlighting the educational achievements within the traffic warden force, Athar noted that among the total of 3,100 wardens, 150 hold MPhil degrees, while 10 have attained PhDs. Impressively, 80% of the wardens have completed master’s degrees in various disciplines, including forensic science, microbiology, and English literature.

It is noteworthy that wardens with MPhil degrees receive a monthly allowance of Rs5,000, while those with PhDs are granted a Rs10,000 allowance. Last year, Punjab Inspector General of Police Usman Anwar extended congratulations to warden Dr. Muhammad Abid Nazir for completing his PhD while in service. Dr. Nazir had previously earned a Master’s in Criminology and Security Studies before pursuing his PhD in International Relations at Punjab University. Additionally, he holds an MPhil in Peace and Conflict Studies from NDU and an LLB degree.

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