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Motorway police return jewelry worth Rs400,000 to owner


ISLAMABAD: The National Highways and Motorway Police (NHMP) recovered a lost purse containing gold ornaments and cash worth Rs400,000 and returned it to its owner. A Motorway Police spokesperson reported that a family traveling from Karachi to Lahore had accidentally left the expensive jewelry on the bus.

The family informed helpline 130 about their missing jewelry. Patrolling officers Imran and Umar found the jewelry in the bus near Samundri city in Faisalabad district and returned it to the family.

In a similar incident, the NHMP recovered a lost purse containing gold ornaments and cash worth Rs442,000 from the Rashakai Service Area. The NHMP was informed via helpline 130 that a woman had forgotten her purse at Rashakai Service Area.

Officers on duty successfully traced the purse, which contained four gold bracelets worth about Rs400,000, Rs42,000 in cash, and important documents. The Motorway Police returned the purse to the woman.

In 2016, Motorway police had recovered and handed over Rs 1.327 million to its owners. Two residents of Faisalabad-Amir, son of Ghulam Rasool and Imran, son of Maqbool left their bag on a bus travelling to Lahore. They immediately informed officers of Motorway Police. Moments after the incidence, police officers succeeded in stopping the bus and recovered the bag, in which cash amount of Rs 127,000, blank cheque and a draft of Rs 1.2 million were present.

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