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Pakistan garments exports to China rise by 3% in 2023


BEIJING: The amount of clothing that Pakistan exported to China, both for men and women, significantly increased in the past year.

Based on available data, the export of men’s and women’s clothing from Pakistan to China increased by 3% between January to December of 2023, said Ghulam Qadir, Commercial Counsellor at the Pakistani Embassy in Beijing.



The strong demand for Pakistani textiles in the Chinese market is reflected in this increase in exports. Pakistani men’s and women’s clothing has been sought after in China due to its quality and competitive prices, he told China Economic Net (CEN).
In addition, Pakistan enjoys a competitive advantage in land trade with China and zero tariffs under the Free Trade Agreement between the two countries.

“In the year 2023, Pakistani men’s garments exports to China touched $28.66 million. Women’s garments exports from Pakistan to China reached $10.46 million while last year in the same period it was $9.44 million, representing a rise of 11%.
The overall exports of men’s and women’s garments crossed $39.12 million and increased by 3% in the year 2023, he added.

In addition, Ghulam Qadir pointed out that in May, Pakistan organized the largest textile exhibition ever held in Karachi called TEXPO 2023 where around 120 representatives of China’s top textile enterprises participated and signed multi-million-dollar contracts at the Expo Centre.

Exports of textiles and leather were expected to increase further in the coming years.
“Exports of cotton trousers for men or boys (community code 61034200) from Pakistan to China reached $16.22 million whereas those for women or girls (community code 62046200) crossed $5.56 million from January-December of 2023,” Qadir mentioned.


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