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Pakistani Dr. Shahzad Baig listed in the World’s top 100 healthcare leaders


In a remarkable achievement for Pakistan’s healthcare sector, Dr. Shahzad Baig has secured a spot among the top 100 global leaders in Time Magazine’s 2024 list of global healthcare leaders, dubbed ‘TIME100 HEALTH’.

Dr. Baig’s inclusion in this prestigious list highlights his pivotal role in spearheading Pakistan’s fight against polio.

As the national coordinator of the Pakistan Polio Eradication Programme, Dr. Baig has been instrumental in leading the nation’s efforts to combat one of its most pressing health challenges. His leadership and dedication have significantly contributed to the substantial reduction in polio cases, from 147 reported cases in 2019 to a mere six cases in 2023.

Before his tenure in Pakistan, Dr. Baig made substantial contributions to the successful polio eradication initiative in Nigeria. His efforts played a pivotal role in Nigeria being declared polio-free in 2020, showcasing his expertise and commitment to global health initiatives.

Jeffrey Kluger, a distinguished editor at large of Time magazine renowned for his expertise in space, science, and climate coverage, authored Dr. Baig’s profile. Kluger emphasized the remarkable progress made under Dr. Baig’s guidance and highlighted the ambitious goal of achieving zero polio cases in Pakistan by 2026.

Dr. Shahzad Baig’s recognition as the lone Pakistani in the TIME100 HEALTH list is a source of immense pride for the nation. His tireless efforts and leadership serve as an inspiration for healthcare professionals worldwide, reaffirming Pakistan’s commitment to eradicating polio and improving public health outcomes on a global scale.

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