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Pakistani institute in Karachi launches eco-friendly car


The SOS Technical Training Institute (SOSTTI) in Karachi, in partnership with the multinational oil and gas corporation Shell Pakistan, debuted environmentally sustainable vehicles on Tuesday.

The unveiling event unfolded at SOSTTI’s premises within the Infaq Foundation campus in Korangi, drawing the attendance of SOSTTI students.

Dubbed as the ‘Thunderer’, the vehicle boasts a sleek red exterior, its assembly having been completed in April 2024. With dimensions measuring 9.6 feet in length and 4 feet in width, the car is constructed with an aluminum chassis, meticulously TIG-welded to form a robust lattice structure.

Powered by a 100CC engine delivering a remarkable fuel efficiency of 50 kilometers per liter, the Thunderer features a comprehensive array of components including chassis, engine, wheel rims, lighting systems, RPM indicators, brakes, and a fiberglass body.

Principal, retired Commander Khalid Wasim, underscored the significance of Shell’s eco-friendly automotive initiative, emblematic of the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) inked with SOSTTI in March 2023. He disclosed that the project incurred costs amounting to Rs 13 million, marking an expansion of collaborative efforts with engineering universities to engage students in practical endeavors.

Nida Tanzeel, Social Performance Manager at Shell Pakistan, lauded the dedication and diligence exhibited by the SOS TTI team throughout the project. She commended Shell’s steadfast commitment to nurturing the technical acumen of young individuals within the technology sector.

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