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Pakistani Noor Zahrah appointed Girl Rising Student Ambassador


Noor Zahrah Mehdi achieved the historic feat of being the first Pakistani girl accepted into the esteemed Girl Rising Student Ambassador Program.

Noor Mehdi has been acknowledged by Girl Rising for her outstanding dedication to education, leadership, and advocacy. The Girl Rising is a global movement promoting girls’ education and empowerment.

As part of her role as a student ambassador, Noor Zahrah Mehdi will use her voice to spread awareness about the importance of girls’ education and drive positive change within her community.

Furthermore, she will actively contribute to various initiatives and campaigns, working alongside Girl Rising to strengthen the voices of girls who resiliently pursue education against all the odds.

Noor is currently an A1 student at Roots Ivy in Islamabad. She has showcased a remarkable enthusiasm for education and a commitment to gender equality.

Her appointment as a Girl Rising Student Ambassador not only acknowledges her accomplishments but also highlights the potential for initiating positive change within Pakistan.

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