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Pakistani police officer Riffat Bukhari selected for international award


The International Association of Women Police has selected Punjab Police Officer Riffat Bukhari for a prestigious award in recognition of her outstanding services in the department.

The association’s President, Deborah Friedl, has sent a letter to Senior Superintendent of Police (SSP) Riffat, informing her that she has been selected for the Excellence in Performance Award this year.

The award is bestowed upon a female police officer who distinguishes herself by her exceptional policing skills that have a significant impact on her agency or area of responsibility.  Such as the arrest of a prolific criminal, detection of multiple offenses, improved road safety, or improved Policing performance, according to the official website of the association.

Bukhari, who is associated with the Punjab Safe Cities Authority, has been picked for the international award for her contributions to women’s safety, the use of artificial intelligence in capturing criminals, and the development of intelligent traffic management systems.

The Punjab Police officer will receive the award at the 61st annual conference of the International Association of Women Police in Chicago, USA, in September 2024.

Meanwhile, IG Punjab Police Dr. Usman Anwar has termed the SSP Riffar’s outstanding achievement a source of pride for all police officers, especially women officers.

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