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Pakistani startup launches Hajj Card for cashless pilgrimage


ISLAMABAD: MyTM on Monday announced a groundbreaking collaboration between Pakistani startups MyTM and Zindigi, alongside JS Bank and MasterCard, to introduce the Sullis Hajj Card. This innovative financial product aims to provide pilgrims with a seamless cashless experience during their spiritual journey.

MyTM, a Pakistan-based startup operating in the Kingdom, specializes in digital payments and financial services, while Zindigi stands as one of Pakistan’s pioneering fully digital banks, offering unmatched personalization to its clientele.

Traditionally, the Hajj pilgrimage entails a multitude of financial transactions, ranging from visa fees to accommodation and transportation expenses. The Sullis Hajj Card revolutionizes this experience by empowering pilgrims to manage their expenditures internationally without the hassle of carrying physical cash.

Jawad Mahmood, CEO of MyTM Saudi Arabia, highlighted the significance of this initiative, emphasizing that it marks the first instance in Pakistan of enabling a cashless Hajj, with plans to extend this convenience to the Umrah experience. He further explained that the card offers reduced charges and eliminates most taxes typically associated with traditional cards during international transactions.

Mahmood underscored the collaborative efforts of MyTM, Zindigi, JS Bank, and MasterCard to provide pilgrims with favorable exchange rates, convenient money withdrawal options, and widespread acceptance across Saudi Arabia and beyond.

The pilgrimage for this year is scheduled to take place from June 14 to June 19.

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