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Pakistani woman from Chakwal becomes Mayor in US


TRENTON: Fauzia Janjua, a legal expert from South Asia, has been picked to become the first woman of Pakistani origin as Mayor in the US State.

Janjua’s elevation to US mayorship is a groundbreaking turn of events, as a woman from Chakwal made history. The feat made the whole Pakistani community proud as she broke a 36-year streak of Republican leadership to hold such a position in the state.

Her election to the US mayor seat depicts willingness among the electorate to embrace new perspectives by electing a Democrat for the first time in over 35 years.

Ms Janjua took the oath of office on the Holy Quran at the Township Hall, emphasizing her faith and cultural background. With her family by her side, the new mayor committed herself to serving the community with honesty and dedication.

New Jersey State Representative administered oath of office and hoped her to give her best. She celebrated not only Mayor Fauzia Janjua’s achievement but also Deputy Mayor Nik Moustakas, signifying a new era in the state’s leadership.

Fauzia belonged to a Pakistani family with a history of migration and community service. Her father migrated to United States in 70s, and remained there since then. Her commitment to community service, particularly in the areas of education for underprivileged children and prison outreach, shows the family legacy.

Besides the political responsibilities, Ms Janjua also dedicated efforts to showcase positive aspects of Muslim culture to the world.

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