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Pakistanis can easily get citizenship of these 10 countries in 2024


Citizenship options beyond your borders are booming as the world evolves, and acquiring a second passport is becoming increasingly popular, driven by desires for greater mobility, security, and business opportunities.

With 2024 just kickstarted, let’s explore the top 10 countries offering the fastest routes to citizenship to everyone including Pakistanis mainly through investment and residency programs.

Top contenders for a quick passport:

  1. Armenia: Fast-track naturalization in just three years awaits with investment, mainly in real estate, or enrolling in a university. Once you get the residence permit, maintaining a presence in the country is vital. Be prepared for an Armenian constitution test… aided by a translator, of course, if need be!
  2. Dominican Republic: Caribbean charm beckons with fast-track citizenship in three years for wealthy investors ($ 200,000+ in real estate of business) or those demonstrating steady income and residency commitment.
  3. Peru: Stand out in Latin America with a two-year path to citizenship after getting residency. Be ready for stricter requirements like investment and local employment.
  4. Paraguay: Embrace South American ease with a potential three-year citizenship, although complexities may extend the timeframe. The reward? A strong passport of one of the easiest countries for citizenship with visa-free access to Europe and South America.
  5. Uruguay: Family ties are key here, and the country favors those part of a family unit residing in the country. After three years of residency and demonstrating strong local connections (through owning real estate or joining clubs), citizenship becomes a possibility.
  6. Bolivia: Unconventional choice for citizenship maybe, but budget-friendly options exist, from $10,000 to $1 million investments, but expect a two-year commitment with over six months of annual residency. Dual citizenship is yours for the taking!
  7. Honduras: This country offers various options, including for retirees and those with $50,000 to invest! Despite challenges in the country, it offers diverse avenues to citizenship, particularly in places like Roatan.
  8. Ireland: Skilled professionals in ICT, engineering, and life sciences, take note! The “Green Card” scheme grants permanent residency in just two years, with citizenship soon after. Europe awaits particularly those in high-demand fields!
  9. Portugal: The Golden Visa program paves the way to permanent residency within 5 years for property investors or job creators. Citizenship beckons after another five years. A popular EU entry point for investors!
  10. Singapore: Global Talent Visa and Employment Pass unlock fast-track permanent residency for exceptional talents and specialized professionals, potentially leading to citizenship within 2-5 years. Business hub allure, anyone?

From Europe’s allure to Latin America’s warmth, diverse programs cater to varied aspirations in 2024. Whether you’re a skilled professional, entrepreneur, or investor, a second passport may be closer than you think.

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