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Pakistan’s Anita Karim wins two MMA gold medals in Thailand


Pakistani woman mixed-martial arts (MMA) fighter, Anita Karim has won two gold medals at the Siam Cup in Bangkok, Thailand.

Karim won the medals in the 55 kg/Lightweight category as well as the ‘Absolute’ category. In the lightweight category, she won against Japan’s Miyu Suzuki, Thailand’s Chutima Sala, and Saifa Phetdee. The first two were won by submission, while the last one was won by points.



In absolute category, Karim defeated Thailand’s Chutima Sala, Sasithon Yahyi, and Tanyaporn Mungklakeeree. The first and third fight was won by submission, while she won the second one on points.

Karim is Pakistan’s first woman MMA fighter to compete on the international stage. Her brother, Uloomi Karim, has played a role in nurturing her for the international experience. Uloomi Karim himself is an MMA fighter who recently fought against Iran’s Mohammad Mahdi on the same day as his sister, 25 November 2023.

Anita Karim’s six wins also resulted in her being promoted to the purple belt. She fought these fights as a blue belt, but after the wins, she got a promotion to the purple one.

27-year-old Anita Karim has come a long way for a country like Pakistan where women participating in sports isn’t a norm. She is winning laurels for the country on the international stage which will help other women find feet in various sports throughout the country.

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