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Pakistan’s Arslan Ash bags Tekken World Tour Finals 2023 in US


Pakistan’s Tekken star, Arslan Ash, secured another massive victory at the Tekken World Tour Finals 2023 (TWT 23) held in New Orleans, United States, on Sunday.

In the final round, Arslan overwhelmed his South Korean opponent, CherryBerryMango (CBM), with a 3-1 victory, showcasing an impressive display of his strategy that led him to secure the coveted trophy.

Having secured seven global Tekken titles, the maverick player initiated his top-eight path with a decisive 2-1 win over LowHigh, securing a spot in the winners’ final.

Following a tense battle against Ulsan, the 28-year-old emerged victorious in the five-game round with a lead of three to two. Following this crucial win, Arslan surpassed CBM in the final.

Arslan’s truimph in TWT Finals marked his three successive victories in 2023.

With previous victories at Evo Japan and Evo Vegas, Arslan achieved a remarkable feat as the sole player worldwide to secure victory in the Tekken 7 event four times.

Clinching the title in both Japan and Las Vegas in 2019, he repeated this impressive feat this year.

Arslan is widely recognised as the greatest Tekken player of all time, earning the distinction of the best E-Player of 2019 according to sport website ESPN.

Hailing from Lahore, Arslan holds the titles of CEO 2021 Champion and the 2022 Combo Breaker Tekken 7 tournament winner.

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