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Pakistan’s Faisal Saleem elected member of IMF, World Bank board


ISLAMABAD: First time in the history of Pakistan, a Pakistani parliamentarian has been elected a member of the parliamentary board of the IMF and World Bank. 

Senator Faisal Saleem Rahman has been elected member of the parliamentary board of the IMF and World Bank.

As many as 140 countries are members of the parliamentary network of the IMF and World Bank, which prepares proposals for reforms for economic stability and eradication of poverty.

Senator Saleem, an industrialist hailing from Pakistan’s northwestern Mardan district, became a member of the upper house of Pakistan’s parliament in March 2021 on the ticket of jailed former prime minister Imran Khan’s Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) party.

At present, he is the only member from Asia on the board. He was nominated for this post by Pakistan’s parliament.

Talking to media he said that his election as a board member is an honor for Pakistan. “My mission is to highlight and debate Pakistan’s economic challenges through the forum and try my best to steer the country out of the crisis. I’ll be there with a one-point agenda and that is to work for the betterment of my country,” he vowed.

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