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Pakistan’s first EV taxi service to be launched in Sindh


KARACHI: Sindh Senior Minister Sharjeel Inam Memon has announced the launch of EV taxis and Pink EV taxis by the Sindh Department of Transport, marking the first time these services will be introduced in Pakistan.

This initiative by the Sindh Government’s Transport Department aims to offer a modern and eco-friendly transportation option for the public.

The introduction of EV taxis and pink EV taxis represents a significant step towards sustainable transportation in Pakistan. The pink EV taxis will specifically cater to female passengers, ensuring a safer and more comfortable travel experience.

Earlier in May, Memon unveiled the plan to operate 200 electric taxis in Karachi, including 50 pink taxis exclusively for women passengers.

At the event, Memon highlighted that these initiatives aim to improve public transportation and provide dedicated services for female passengers. He noted that female drivers will be recruited for the pink taxis, prioritizing women’s safety and offering cost-effective transportation options for the community.

These services are expected to roll out soon, providing a cleaner and more efficient alternative to conventional taxis. The new EV taxi services will not only reduce carbon emissions but also offer reliable and safe transportation options for all citizens, with special consideration for women’s safety and convenience.

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