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Pakistan’s Mahnoor Ali wins gold in Singapore Squash Championship


Pakistan’s Mahnoor Ali clinched the gold medal by defeating China’s Feng Chen in the under-13 Squash Open Championship held in Singapore on Sunday.

Mahnoor triumphed over Feng Chen with scores of 11-6, 11-7, and 11-4 to secure the Junior Squash Open Championship title.

Earlier, on April 14, 2024, Mahnoor and her sister Mehwish Ali from Peshawar won the Australian Junior Open Championship, earning gold medals.

Fifteen-year-old Mehwish Ali and her sister Mahnoor, who is 11, are supported by the Bilqis and Abdul Razak Dawood (BARD) Foundation.

With the backing of the BARD Foundation, Mahnoor has emerged as a remarkable young squash player, having won 11 gold medals to date.

Mahnoor had earlier also won a gold medal in the Australian Junior Open and a U-11 title in the Penang (Malaysian) Open Squash Championship. She took bronze in the 7th Borneo Junior Open 2023 in the U-13 category.

The nation hopes the young athlete will continue to bring pride to the nation in the future.

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