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Pakistan’s Mai Dhai shines in Times Square, New York


Pakistan’s famous folk singer Mai Dhai has graced the billboard in the iconic Times Square in New York. She belongs to one of the most underprivileged areas of Pakistan, Tharparkar.

Mai Dhai has gained international recognition and acclaim for her unique musical style and powerful voice.

Mai Dhai’s journey to fame began in 2013 when she performed in the Lahooti Live Sessions, an initiative aimed at promoting indigenous Sufi and folk music. Her performances in these sessions brought her into the spotlight, showcasing her talent to a broader audience.


In March 2015, Mai Dhai participated in the SXSW Music Festival in the United States, as part of a collaboration between the US embassy in Pakistan and the Foundation for Arts, Culture and Education (FACE). She also performed in New York City at the Graduate Center of City University, where she was well-received.

Mai Dhai rose to national prominence after appearing in the eighth season of the popular Pakistani music series, Coke Studio. Her performances, including “Aankhaṛli Phaṛookai” and “Kadi Ao Ni,” which she sang with artists Karam Abbas Khan and Atif Aslam respectively, were critically acclaimed and loved by viewers.

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