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Pakistan’s onion export hits record high


Pakistan’s onion exports have reached a record high, exceeding $210 million for the first time. Predictions suggest that by the year’s end, this figure could soar to $250 million, marking a significant milestone for the country.

The Pakistan Fruit and Vegetable Exporters Association attributes this unprecedented success to the country’s access to new markets, particularly in the Far East and Middle East. This newfound market access was made possible by a ban on Indian onion exports, creating opportunities for Pakistani onions to fill the void.

Historically, only orange exports from Pakistan had surpassed the $210 million mark. Therefore, the recent achievement with onions stands out as a notable milestone for the country’s agricultural exports.

To fully capitalize on these newfound opportunities, there’s a growing call for government intervention to enhance the shelf life of onions. Improving shelf life is crucial for maintaining onion quality during transportation to distant markets, ensuring they remain fresh for extended periods.

Extending shelf life not only addresses the demands of these new markets but also reinforces Pakistan’s position as a leading exporter of onions. By enhancing shelf life, the country can sustain and potentially boost its export revenues, thereby benefiting the overall economy.

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