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Punjab police to use AI to trace motorcyclists without helmet

The Punjab Safe Cities Authority is going to introduce a software aimed at tracking motorcycle riders not wearing helmets.

The Punjab police said that they were ensuring the enforcement of traffic laws through artificial intelligence-based modern technology.

Utilising CCTV cameras operated by the Punjab Safe Cities Authority, the newly developed software will identify motorcyclists without helmets, and a fine of Rs2,000 will be imposed on such riders.

IG Dr Usman Anwar hoped that citizens will adhere more seriously to traffic rules as the identification and imposition of fines on helmet-less riders are implemented through this technology.

Earlier, Punjab traffic police carried out a crackdown on motorcyclists traveling without wearing helmets.

The massive exercise was launched in Punjab following a decision of a high-level meeting held at the Central Police Office (CPO).

The provincial police chief in the meeting had ordered the Punjab traffic police high-ups to ensure that every motorcyclist wears a helmet while traveling on roads across the province.

The crackdown was launched following reports of head and neck injuries to a large number of motorcyclists in road accidents when they traveled without wearing helmets.

Last year, 67,292 road accidents out of total of 92,784 had involved motorbikes in the provincial capital that accounting for nearly 74 per cent.

The CTO said the traffic police have set up 190 pickets at various roads of the city by deputing traffic wardens to impose fines on motorcyclists travelling without helmets. He said the traffic police had imposed fine on more than 800,000 motorcyclists during the last six months for not wearing helmets.

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