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Textile exports earn $8.283 billion for Pakistan in 1st half


ISLAMABAD: Pakistan earned $ 8,283,261 million from exports of textile products during the first half of the current financial year (2023-24), the Pakistan Bureau of Statistics (PBS) reported here Friday.

The exports of the product however witnessed a decline of 4.97 percent during July-December (2023-24) when compared to the exports of $ 8,716,437 million during July-December (2022-23).



The textile commodities that witnessed positive growth in trade included raw cotton, the exports of which grew by 374.66 percent, from $11.253 million last year to $53.412 million this year.

Likewise, the exports of cotton yarn increased by 54.25 percent, from $ 381,545 million last year to $ 588,529 1 million this year and towels by 1.72 percent, from $ 491.696 million to $ 500.133 million.

The textile commodities that witnessed negative growth include cotton cloth, the exports of which declined by 13.10 percent, from $1,066.360 million to $926.677 million; cotton carded or combed by 27.33 percent, from $0.809 million to $0.588 million; yarn other than cotton yarn by 13.85 percent, from $22.708 million to $19.562 million, and knitwear by 10.65 percent, from $ 2,464.971 million to $ 2,202.529 million.

Likewise, the exports of bed wear declined by 3.55 percent from $ 1,427.730 million to $ 1,377.109 million, tents, canvas and tarpaulin by 1.45 percent, from $61.838 million to million, $60.941, ready-made garments by 8.93 percent, from $ 1,832.835 6 million to $ 1,669.253 million.

The exports of art, silk and synthetic textile also decreased by 15.29 percent by declining from $209.225 million to $177.237 million, madeup articles by 6.81 percent, from $378.660 million to $352.864 million whereas the exports of all other textile materials also went down by 3.37 percent, from $366.807 million to $345.428 million.

Meanwhile, on year –on-year basis, the textile exports increased by 3.33 percent by going up from $ 1,354.523 million in December 2022 to $ 1,399.655 million in December 2023.
On month-on-month basis, the exports grew by 6.15 percent when compared to exports of $ 1,318.536 million in November 2023.

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