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World’s biggest container ship ‘MSC Anna’ docks at Karachi port


KARACHI: The largest container vessel to date, MSC Anna, docked at the South Asia Pakistan Terminals (SAPT) on Wednesday. According to a Karachi Port Trust (KPT) spokesperson, the arrival of the impressive MSC Anna underscores the nation’s growing maritime capabilities.

The ship arrived at full capacity, carrying 19,638 containers. A KPT representative stated that unloading will commence once the necessary regulatory processes are completed. The vessel is expected to make a brief stopover of one day before departing.

Rear Admiral Rizwan Ahmed, General Manager of Operations at KPT, was present to oversee the event, highlighting its significance for SAPT and the broader maritime sector. His presence underscored the momentous nature of this occasion for Pakistan’s shipping industry.

The docking of MSC Anna is anticipated to facilitate a significant increase in cargo handling at Karachi port, boosting its operational capacity and reinforcing its status as a key player in international shipping networks.

In 2020, the largest ship ever to dock at Karachi Port was the South Hampton Express. According to the Karachi Port Trust (KPT) administration, this vessel, with a capacity to carry 12,600 containers, arrived in Karachi from Abu Dhabi. The South Hampton Express measures 366.1 meters in length, 48.3 meters in beam, and 14.8 meters in depth. It was utilized to ship 2,000 containers from the port.

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