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British newspaper highlights Pakistan’s potential for investors


The leading British financial and business newspaper ‘CityAM’ has mentioned the potential of foreign investors to take advantage of Pakistan.

According to the details, a special publication on capitalizing on Pakistan’s potential for investors has appeared in the British newspaper City AM, the most widely read economic newspaper in London.



The British newspaper highlighted the unique investment opportunities in Pakistan in the publication, stating that Pakistan has a unique geo-strategic location with the fifth largest population in the world, and Pakistan’s mineral wealth worth 4.8 trillion pounds. is attracting foreign investors rapidly.

According to CityAM, Caretaker Prime Minister Anwar-ul-Haq Kakar is actively welcoming investment, and the Special Investment Council (SIFC) aims to bring £48 billion of investment into the country over the next five years, in Balochistan. The extensive gold and copper deposits at Rekodak are suitable for investment by many countries including Saudi Arabia and Canada.

CityAM wrote that Pakistan’s abundant mineral resources include coal, salt, lithium, rare earth, nickel, ruby, chromite and emeralds. The government of Pakistan is also committed to doubling renewable energy by 2031, and Pakistan Its strategic location also makes it ideal as an international gas corridor.

According to CityAM, foreign investors can own 100 percent of corporate farming enterprises while innovating in agriculture, in addition to a 57 percent youth population and 25,000 IT graduates annually, making Pakistan highly suitable for global investment.

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