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Canada honors Anwar Maqsood with the King Charles Pen Award 


The Canadian government has awarded Pakistani author, humorist, and host Anwar Maqsood the King Charles Pen Award in recognition of his outstanding services.

The award was presented by Canadian Parliament member Shafqat Ali, who acknowledged Maqsood’s exceptional services in promoting Urdu literature and art. During the ceremony, Ali awarded Maqsood with a government pin and a certificate, praising him as a positive ambassador for Pakistan on the international stage.

Shafqat Ali said that the Canadian government appreciated Anwar Maqsood’s contributions to Urdu literature and the arts.

He said Maqsood’s work has significantly enhanced the image of Pakistan globally. Ali also expressed pride in the Pakistani community, both within Canada and around the world, noting their achievements and contributions.

Maqsood’s recognition by the Canadian government underscores his influential role in the cultural and literary spheres, and it highlights the positive impact of his work on a global scale. This award is a testament to his dedication.

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