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Group of Pakistani doctors in Riyadh provides free medical care to over 1,000 patients


ISLAMABAD: Over a thousand patients availed free medical care from approximately 300 doctors at a camp organized by a group of Pakistani doctors in Riyadh this week, a senior member of the group confirmed on Sunday.

The free medical camp was organized by the Pakistan Doctors Group (PDG), a non-political organization comprising Pakistani doctors in Saudi Arabia. The group strives to foster and strengthen professional and social ties between Pakistan and the kingdom.



The one-day camp was organized on Friday, Nov. 17, from 1:00 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. at the Pakistani embassy in Riyadh, in cooperation with Pakistan’s mission in Saudi Arabia. The initiative featured medical consultants and specialists, radiologists, lab staff, and mental health specialists, as mentioned in a post on social media by the group.

“A free medical camp was held at the Embassy of Pakistan, Riyadh, in which more than 1,000 patients from across the city were provided free medical facilities by three hundred Pakistani doctors and paramedical staff,” said Dr. Asad Ullah Roomi, president of the PDG.

This year’s event focused on mental well-being. Workshops were held to raise awareness about the importance of safeguarding one’s mental health, particularly for individuals who reside thousands of miles away from their friends and families in another country.

Medical facilities, including complimentary check-ups, medications, ultrasound, ECG, X-rays, and various other medical tests, were provided to people who could not afford them, Roomi shared.

Pakistan’s Ambassador to Saudi Arabia, Ahmad Farooq, also visited the medical camp and appreciated Pakistani doctors for their services, according to a statement from the Pakistani mission in Riyadh.

Roomi mentioned that the PDG has been organizing free medical camps every six months since 2010. “Along with these special camps, the Pakistan embassy in Riyadh is the only mission where PDG has a full-day, free clinic for five days a week to provide services to compatriots throughout the year,” he added.

President of the British Pakistani Psychiatrist Association, Dr. Shahid Latif, arrived at the camp from the United Kingdom to deliver a lecture on mental well-being.

“Our primary focus is to highlight, educate, and create awareness, aiming to destigmatize and reduce the stigma surrounding mental health issues,” Latif told Arab News.

Naveed Ahmed, a Pakistani factory employee in Riyadh, said the camp was a blessing for underprivileged workers who could not afford consultation fees and lab tests. “We received not only consultations but also underwent tests, and medicines were provided without any cost,” he told Arab News over the phone, adding that patients were offered excellent facilities at the camp.

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