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Lahore receives first-ever artificial rain to ease smog


In Lahore, artificial rain brought a breather for over 22 million people living under toxic air pollution as the Punjab government is taking steps to reduce air pollution.

The government created artificial showers after detailed consultation with experts as deadly pollutants are damaging lungs and entering the bloodstream of millions, creating new alarming situation in the region.



The provincial capital witnessed a historic moment as the government conducted its first experiment with artificial seeding process, the caretaker Chief Minister Mohsin Naqvi said in a press release.

In his media interaction, CM said the government conducted the artificial rain endeavor with the help of UAE that resulted in slight showers in several areas of the city.

He commended the success of the first-ever artificial rain experiment, saying provincial administration will take other steps to curb smog. Naqvi thanked Environment Department and UAE team for their help in process.

Sharing details, CM said at least 48 flares were deployed for cloud seeding.

He further highlighted that the monitoring and attentiveness started as early as 9:00 in the morning, emphasizing an ongoing commitment to the success of the artificial rain initiative.

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