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Pakistani volleyball player Murad Khan joins Korean League


Pakistani volleyball player, Murad Khan, looks set to join a South Korean team, Incheon Korean Air Jumbos, as a temporary replacement for an Aussie, Lincoln Williams, who is out with an injury.

Khan is expected to participate in the V-League game as soon as the International Transfer Agreement (ITC) is completed. The ITC acts like a ‘letter of permission’ for an overseas player to play in a league other than his country.



The Pakistani was initially named on the list of applicants for this year’s Korean V-League tryout, however, he didn’t get picked by any of the teams and was signed by a Bulgarian team instead.

Murad Khan has previously given a try-out in Türkiye as well.

Khan has previously played in Serbia, for two seasons, starting in 2021.

The Korean league is a step up for him as he hopes to up the ante and improve his gameplay while playing in a better league.

Pakistan Volleyball is experiencing a good time, as the team won a Silver medal in the previously held 2019 South Asian Games in Kathmandu, Nepal.

At last year’s Asian Games, Pakistan finished as the 5th best team in the competition, after losing the Quarter-Final to Qatar, 3-1.

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