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Pakistan’s 4-year old Muhammad Ayad becomes world’s ‘Youngest Anatomist’


Muhammad Ayad, a gifted 4-year-old boy from Pakistan with an astonishing IQ score of 195, has made history as the world’s youngest expert in anatomy and physiology. Ayad’s extraordinary achievement comes from his exceptional understanding of the human body, as he effortlessly explained the intricacies of 12 major human anatomy systems.

His knowledge spans from the skeletal and muscular systems to the circulatory and nervous systems, showcasing a level of mastery far beyond his years and setting a new standard for intellectual brilliance.

Ayad has already set 22 records across India, Pakistan, Canada, the United States, and London. He holds the title of Grand Master in Asia Records and recently won three gold medals in the memory championship in Canada. Tested by a psychologist, his IQ is confirmed to be 190, placing him among the top 2 percent of the world population with a photographic memory.

In recognition of his remarkable contributions to academia and his dedication to excellence, Ayad has been awarded the Tamgha-e-Quaid-e-Azam, Pakistan’s highest civilian honor for exceptional young individuals. This prestigious award highlights Ayad’s extraordinary achievements and his unwavering commitment to academic excellence.


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