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USAID establishes ‘Gender-Smart Farm’ for women farmers in Pakistan


LAHORE: Recently, Kristin K. Hawkins, the US Consul General in Lahore, along with Maura O’Brien, the Deputy Mission Director of the United States Agency for International Development (USAID), unveiled a pioneering “gender-smart farm” in Kasur, made possible with support from USAID.

The farm’s primary objective is to equip female farmers with essential resources and tools necessary for their economic prosperity.

Dubbed as “gender-smart,” the farm boasts facilities tailored to women’s needs, including an on-farm daycare center, female restrooms, designated rest areas, and access to clean drinking water.

Consul General Hawkins emphasized the United States’ longstanding commitment to empowering Pakistani women, particularly those in rural regions crucial to the country’s agricultural landscape. She hailed the inauguration as a significant stride forward in these efforts.

This initiative builds upon decades of collaboration between the US and Pakistan in the agricultural sector. The US has consistently supported endeavors aimed at empowering Pakistani women farmers, offering training in agricultural best practices, and facilitating connections with micro-finance institutions and breeder associations.

Consul General Hawkins underscored the transformative impact of economic empowerment on women, highlighting its ripple effects on families and communities, ultimately fostering economic growth and stability.

The inauguration ceremony also drew participation from private sector representatives and local farmers, underscoring the collaborative spirit driving this endeavor.

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