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Pakistan Railways introduces longest freight train in country’s history


Pakistan Railways has introduced the longest train in the country’s transportation history, aimed at transporting goods exceeding 3000 tons from Karachi.

Comprising 50 bogies stretching over 2500 feet, this railway carriage promises enhanced efficiency and effectiveness in transportation.

Powered by the robust GEU40 engine, Pakistan Railways has hailed this train as an innovative solution. It has achieved speeds of up to 60 km/h, with an average speed of 38 km/h.

This longest freight train in Pakistan is capable of accommodating over 94 two-wheeler truckloads, alleviating pressure on roads and benefiting the environment through more sustainable transport practices.

This groundbreaking addition to Pakistan’s transportation infrastructure is poised to streamline the delivery of various goods across the country.

Operated by a three-member crew, the freight train embarked from Karachi’s Pipri Yard on Thursday, en route to Kotri, covering a distance of 127km along the mainline.

Pakistan Railways’ initiative to introduce this extensive railcar comes in response to challenges such as freight traffic congestion, axle load limitations imposed by the government, and the escalating demands of shippers in port areas for efficient export of goods.

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