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Pakistani girl receives heart transplant from Indian donor in Chennai hospital


A teenage girl hailing from Pakistan, Ayesha Rashan, found hope anew in a heart transplant she received from a donor in Delhi, India.

Aged nineteen, Ayesha had grappled with heart disease for a decade. In 2014, she underwent a procedure in India where a heart pump was implanted to aid her failing heart. However, this intervention proved insufficient, compelling doctors to recommend a heart transplant as her only lifeline.

Seeking expertise, Ayesha’s family turned to Dr. KR Balakrishnan, the Director of the Institute of Heart and Lung Transplant, and Dr. Suresh Rao, the Co-Director, at MGM Healthcare Hospital in Chennai.

The medical team determined the urgency of the situation as the heart pump had developed a leak, necessitating Ayesha to undergo an Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation (ECMO) procedure.

Concerns regarding the financial constraints of the transplant arose, with the estimated cost of approximately Rs 35 lakh posing a significant burden on the family.

Ayesha Rashan (R) with her mother Sanobar. Photo via India Today
Ayesha Rashan (R) with her mother Sanobar. Photo via India Today

Fortunately, the Aishwaryam Trust stepped in, providing vital financial assistance to alleviate the family’s worries.

Six months ago, Ayesha Rashan underwent a successful heart transplant surgery, courtesy of a heart donated from Delhi. The procedure was carried out at MGM Healthcare Hospital, with the expenses covered, marking the end of her 18-month stay in India.

Filled with gratitude, Ayesha expressed her heartfelt thanks to the Indian government and the medical team for their unwavering support.

Ayesha’s mother, Sanobar, shared the remarkable transformation, revealing that Ayesha’s vitality had plummeted to a mere 10 percent upon their arrival in India. However, with the successful transplant, Ayesha has been granted a newfound lease on life.

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