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Pakistani Hafiz Abu Bakr wins international Husan-e-Qarat competition


Little Pakistani Hafiz of the Quran, Abu Bakr, has achieved a remarkable feat by clinching the top prize in the international Husan-e-Qarat competition held in Iran.

Hafiz Abu Bakr, an eighth-grade student hailing from Mansehra, Pakhtunkhwa, has brought honor to the nation with his exceptional performance.

His mesmerizing recitation of the Quran has swiftly gained traction on social media platforms, becoming the talk of the town. People from all walks of life are lauding his impeccable rendition of the holy verses and expressing their admiration by sharing clips of his recitations.

The widespread appreciation for his talent has led many social media users to call upon the Pakistani government to bestow him with a national award, acknowledging his outstanding representation of the country on the international stage.

It’s worth mentioning that following his triumph in Iran, Hafiz Abu Bakr also participated in the Husan-e-Qaraat competition held in Karbala, Iraq, where he emerged victorious, and secured the second position in the international competition held in Algeria last year.

Similarly, Qari Ayub Asif, representing the United Kingdom but with Pakistani and Moroccan heritage, has also captured the attention of audiences on social media with his exceptional and distinctive recitations. Apart from his talent in Quranic recitation, Qari Ayub Asif is also known for his prowess in football at the club level.

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