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Pakistani ‘Siri Paye’ listed among world’s best dishes


The dish called Siri Paya from Pakistan got 47th place in TasteAtlas’ important ranking of the best stews in the world for 2024. This big food guide announced the top 50 stews in April on its social media.

Siri Paya is a much-loved dish in Pakistani cuisine. It’s a yummy stew made with soft lamb or goat trotters cooked perfectly with a mix of spices, herbs, and flavors.

The name ‘Siri Paya’ means ‘head and feet’ because it’s made from the tasty meat of the head and the nutritious marrow of the trotters. Cooked slowly to get all the good flavors out, this stew is like comfort food because it’s smooth, tasty, and loved by people everywhere.

TasteAtlas thinks Siri Paya is a special dish from Pakistan, along with other famous foods from South Asia that were listed under India’s name in the rankings. Some of these dishes are Keema at number six, Korma at 22, and Dal at 50. Shahi Paneer and Vindaloo also made it to the list.

TasteAtlas started in 2018 and it’s a good place to find out about traditional foods from around the world. They share real recipes, reviews from food critics, and interesting articles about food.

At the beginning of this year, TasteAtlas picked 100 special places to eat for food lovers around the world. One of these places was Zahid Nihari in Karachi, Pakistan.

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